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A native of Kochi, India, I cultivated an interest in art during my childhood. I found it inspiring to communicate through drawings and paintings.

I completed my Bachelors in Home Science, followed by dual Masters in Child Development and Psychology. I spent my early years as an educator and worked in leading schools in Dubai, UAE as a teacher and child psychologist for over 10 years.

A move to Singapore in 2011 gave me the opportunity to intimately pursue my passion and enter the art scene. I began my art career in 2012 and initially trained under the guidance of distinguished artists in Singapore. I have also been formally trained at the respected Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in Western painting

Initially starting with real life figurines (‘Buddha’ and ‘Ajanta’ series), today my spectrum of artwork includes figurative works, abstracts, and landscapes. My fascination towards textural additions in my works began in the initial years of my career. It has now become a distinguishing feature of my paintings.

I participated in my first exhibition ‘The Enlightened One- Gautama Buddha’ in Singapore in 2015. Since then, i have exhibited in various local & international art fairs and exhibitions including Art Stage & Affordable Art fair in Singapore, Art exhibitions in India, Malaysia, Dubai, Vietnam, Myanmar, Ukraine among others.

My works have been displayed at museums in S. Korea, Vietnam & India and are part of private and Museum collections.

Beyond the art world, I enjoy being with my family, travelling, gardening and being at my hometown.


With my art, I create my own language. The intriguing layers and textures in my  paintings are intended to create a sense of mystery. Indeed, textural additions is my artistic vocabulary and gives the work a tactile quality.

The subjects are often minimalistic and capture themes from life around me. It conveys visual cues of an existence that is quiet, rhythmic and spiritual. These often create a sense of nostalgia and brings forth memories of the little things that one often overlooks in modern times. The works pop with vibrant pigments, enriching and enhancing them to create textural triumphs.


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