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'Song of bird' by Sheena Bharathan. Affordable artworks, commission works, training Singapore
Affordable Artworks by Sheena Bharathan


Sheena Bharathan is a visual artist based in Singapore. She is known for her distinctive style of painting featuring textural additions.

Sheena began her art career in 2012. She is formally trained at Nanyang Academy for Fine Arts and has also mentored and worked with distinguished artists in Singapore.

A qualified educator and child psychologist, Sheena enjoys teaching young minds and conducts art classes, workshops and exhibitions for children

She has exhibited at various art fairs and exhibitions in Singapore, Dubai, India, Vietnam, S.Korea among others. Her works have been displayed at museums in Asia and feature in private collections.

Studio Monsoon

"Happy walls make for happy people !!!"

At STUDIO MONSOON we believe that good art brings people together, elevates living spaces and transforms lives.

Whether a seasoned collector or buying your first original artwork, reach out to us and we will assist you.

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Affordable artworks & commission works by Sheena Bharathan

Artworks & Commission works

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Art classes & workshops

Art is a time tested way to encourage creativity and imagination of young children. Art classes & workshops for children with individual lesson plans matching their interest & aptitude.

Art training for children by Sheena Bharathan Singapore
Art that leaves an impression. Artwork for Corporates & Hospitality

For Corporates & Hospitality

Art can really humanize the space you’re in. Art will give it character and warmth, transforming any space into a livable environment, fostering creativity and productivity. Original artworks to match the functional & aesthetic needs for Corporates, Hospitality and Interior decorators.


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